1.1 Distinction between ICD and CFS

ICD and CFS offer services for containerisation of break-bulk cargo and vice-versa. Most ICDs are connected by rail to the respective gateway port, and this is a key difference between the ICD and CFS. CFSs are typically adjoining or are in close proximity to the mother port and often do not have rail connectivity.

An ICD is generally located in the interiors (outside the port towns) of the country away from the gateway ports. CFS, on the other hand, is an off-dock facility located near the servicing ports which helps in decongesting the port by shifting cargo and Customs related activities outside the port area. CFSs are largely expected to deal with break-bulk cargo originating/terminating in the immediate hinterland of a port and may also deal with rail borne traffic to and from inland locations

Chapter 2

Audit Objectives, Criteria and Audit Methodology