Statement 25

Theft and Pilferage of cargo

(Refer Para No. 5.8.4)

Sl No. Commissionerate Name of ICD/CFS Whether ICD/CFS Incident occurred Nature of incident Nature of Incident Conclusion/Audit Observation
1 Jodhpur CONCOR, Jaipur ICD 2013-14 Theft Theft of 500 kg lead ingot was reported by the Custodian Duty realised or not couldn't be verified due to non-furnishing of record.
2 Chennai V Sanco Trans Limited, Chennai CFS Nov-12 Theft 34070 Kgs of metal scrap missing Responsibilty was not fixed and balance goods were lying in the CFS despite e-auction because the bidder found shortage of goods during taking possession of said goods.
3 Mumbai Customs Zone II Speedy Multimodes Ltd, CFS Dec-14 Theft Systematic theft/pilferage of 36.29 MT ‘Red sanders’ from six containers Rs.12.29 Crore were recovered from the CFS on 28 Oct 2016
4 Mumbai Customs Zone II Speedy Multimodes Ltd, CFS February 17 Missing Three Washing machine valued at Rs.41.97 lakh was missing during examination. As per the records made available to audit, no evidence of police complaint or SCN or reply from the CCSP was found on record
5 Mumbai Customs Zone II M/s Speedy Multimodes Ltd, CFS   Pilferage Three containers of confiscated "Zinc alloy turnings" got mixed with mud and had been washed away due to dismantled frame as the container was lying for almost 10 years. The goods were not found at the time of valuation for the purpose of disposal. The said CFS neither produced the abovementioned cargo for valuation nor provided any information in this regard. This has resulted in loss of govt revenue.
6 Mumbai Customs Zone I Mulund ICD Mar-17 Missing One 40 feet container shown loaded under the ETMS was physically empty (Container No. MSKU0556166) . M/s Raj International Pvt Ltd imported Teak Wood Round logs from the country Balbao Panama through Maersk Shipping line and also paid import duty of Rs. 0.30 lakh on the Assessable value Rs. 3.25 lakh Custodian had issued notice to importer (M/s Raj International) on 7 July 2011 under section 48 for un-cleared goods, despite knowing that the container was empty.
7 Jodhpur ICD Concor ICD Dec-14 Shortage Theft due to tampering of seal Shortage of 5780 Kg of re-melted lead was noticed